Research Directions

With the purpose of achieving more flexibility, programmability, resilience, faster response and security for machine type connectivity within the emerging 5G environment, the following technical areas and specific optimizations are being addressed:

  • Efficient transportation for M2M protocols, e.g. HTTP, CoAP, MQTT
  • Connectivity management to 5G environments starting from RANaaS, EPCaaS
  • Device management bringing a step forward to complex features like on demand software installation.
  • Orchestration of communication between M2M endpoints
  • Integration and smart interpretation of M2M as NFV in the cloud environment using OpenSDNCore.
  • Service chaining for flexible processing at M2M application layer
  • Massive device emulator for over 1000 M2M nodes with benchmarking capabilities
  • Security by design targeting fault detection.

Another feature currently investigated is feeding analytics with connectivity monitoring for predictions of future needs and feedback to the core network.

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