The Open5GMTC Toolkit

Open5GMTC – A new approach to heterogeneous approach to M2M services 

Open5GMTC software toolkit addresses the needs of M2M communication services within highly heterogeneous and dynamic environments. It provides the extension of the 5G networks towards securely connecting a large number of IoT devices.

  • Connectivity control and subscription management 
  • Secure ownership bootstrapping
  • Support for secure network islands
  • Support for edge computing M2M applications 
  • Massive device emulator
  • eUICC network support
Open5GMTC solution overview Fraunhofer FOKUS

By concentrating mainly on dynamic device connectivity, security and edge computing using standard protocols (OMA LW M2M, Diameter, CoAP, MQTT, etc. ), Open5GMTC provides the currently missing features of M2M platforms. It provides the hands-on experience with customized  M2M platforms for business and enterprise networks in automotive, industrial communication, satellite networks, etc. 

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